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"III", the title of Connor's latest work, serves as both a conclusion as well as a new beginning. Known as "The People's Rapper", Connor's connection to his audience was established with three series of projects that gained him both notoriety and respect. The Calling pt.1: The Prequel & The Calling pt. 2: The Second Coming, Jon Connor as Vinney Chase Season One & Season 2, S.O.S part 1 & S.O.S part 2: The Road To Legendary, all became pivotal points in the story arch of Jon's career. "III" serves as the third chapter to all three series that preceded it. Connor says he's "always looking to create conversation pieces and meaningful dialogue" with his art and "III" does just that. From the cinematic and grand production on cuts like "Greatest Show On Earth/ Bid You Adieu" and "Harvey/Two-Face", to the introspective lyrics on "I'm Sorry/ You Deserve It" and "Generation Gap/ Heaven Sent Evidence", "III" gives the listener much to appreciate sonically, as well as things to ponder on lyrically. "III" holds the listener's attention throughout the entire 21 track project as each song has a vibe unto itself. This project is described by Connor as "an audio movie of where I am, at this point of my life". He goes on to say, "I want to express my growth as a human through my art and hopefully my audience continues to grow with me" With everything from skits, to character acting, spoken word, to top tier musicianship, in addition to Connor's one of a kind lyricism, there are more than enough reasons to enjoy "III" from beginning to end. So as they say in show business, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

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