Dee Gatti


Joined 08.25.23


Dee Gatti is a R&B singer from Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas. Growing up in a single-parent home with 5 brothers and sisters, Dee and her family relied on each other to get through tough times. Before she found her calling in music, Dee would work night jobs to help make ends meet. With her family being the most important thing, her main goal has been to support them turning to music as a way to rise above the innumerable hardships she faced growing up in poverty. While Dee has been singing and writing all her life, she never had the desire to be an artist – that is until one day she played her music for a few friends. She then realized how much they enjoyed listening to her. From that day forward she began taking music seriously. Amongst Dee’s musical influences are Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, Usher, She spent a lot of time studying these 3 artists and credits them as who she drew the most inspiration from. Contrarily, Dee’s biggest motivation is Tupac and is the main reason she is who she is. His passion being contagious was something Dee always related to.